is committed to educational engagement through master classes, artistic residencies, lecture demonstrations, and outreach. Caitlin is a member of the dance faculty at Barnard College/Columbia University and has taught at numerous colleges, universities, and studios domestically and abroad.   


Class begins with a deep, progressive warm up, involving floor-work, inversions and standing exercises, and culminates with a high-energy phrase. Dancers are invited to take risks and to develop artistry through experimentation.


The repertory workshop is an opportunity for students to delve more deeply into Trainor Dance repertory and perform it informally. This one or two week long intensive hones both learning and performance skills, as dancers are challenged to learn material rapidly and form an artistic point of view within a limited time period. The workshop culminates in an informal studio performance open to family, friends, and community.


A way to develop a deeper understanding of choreography and performance, a lecture demonstration is tailored to the needs of the community. Topics to be discussed may include: manifesting artistic intent through movement, the dancer-choreographer relationship, methods for generating movement, and the use of sound.  Following an informal mini-performance, the event finishes with a Q&A session.